Owners of run-down motels have been put on notice by the city of Fresno after the city council passed an ordinance that would require them to meet health and safety codes. 

On Thursday, the Fresno City Council passed the non-transient motel inspection program, which would require code enforcement to inspect the motels and require property owners to meet health and safety codes. 
The city will need to find a funding source to jump start the program, Fresno Mayor Lee Brand said he’ll work with city council on finding that money.

“It’s going to be at the will of myself and the council to work together to find the resources to tackle the problem because it does no good to have an ordinance if you can’t enforce the ordinance,” Brand said. 

Miguel Arias represents District 3 and in his district is motel drive, an infamous area that attracts prostitution and drug dealers. 

“It’s the red light district for the Central Valley,” he said. 

Arias said he hopes this program will allow the owner to re-model or re-purpose these motels into affordable housing. 
If motel owners do not comply with city code, the city can take legal action on seizing the property. 

“The challenge is that everybody tries to make improvements around the edges. This is something that you have to roll up your sleeves and deal with it at it’s core,” Arias said. 

The city will hold public hearings on this new ordinance at next months planning commission meeting. 

Arias said it will take six month for this ordinance to go into effect. 

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