“I look forward to continuing working with you.”

That is how Esmeralda Soria initiated her one year term as president of Fresno’s council, Thursday.
Daughter of immigrants, Soria grew up in the city of Lindsay and says she hopes her new position encourages minorities to pursue leadership positions.
“Issues most recently have been dealing with women and I think it is important for us as women leaders to demonstrate to the community and encourage women.”
Soria who succeeds District 7’s Clint Olivier, has been serving as a council member since 2014.
Since then the newly elected president says she has taken pride in working to make Fresno a better place.
“One of the issues that we just voted on not too long ago is a multi-family housing development that will provide affordable living,” said Soria.
Luis Chavez District 5 council member believes Soria will be a great role model for young girls everywhere.
“It is the first time a latina leads city council that is great for our city I’m looking forward to working with her,” stated Chavez.
Fresno resident Monica Diaz says she feels optimistic about this change.
“This is the beginning of many other things to come,” said Diaz.
Soria plans on making this year one to remember.
“I am very excited about 2018 I think there is a tremendous opportunity to address the number of challenges that we face with the park, affordable housing, homelessness,” concluded Soria.