It will now be easier for Fresno City College students to get to and from class. On Tuesday, FCC teamed up with the City of Fresno to allow all students to ride on FAX buses for free.

All the students have to do is stay enrolled and re-enroll in the Spring, and pay $5 for an ASB card. Student Body President Brandon McLaughlin said many of his peers have complained about how difficult it can be to get to school. They hope offering the bus for free will help alleviate stress from students.

Political Science major Christopher Washington said he’s had to take alternative forms of transportation.

“The commute to get to class, I had an 8am class and it was just like ugh. It was like really bad and I used to have to carpool with some of my friends. We used to have to spend the night at each other’s houses because if we had something busy to do,” stated Washington.

But now, taking the bus is free of cost for all students, faculty, and staff.

Washington exclaimed while showing off his ASB card, “This is it. This is your gateway to free transportation right here!”

FCC announced Tuesday it was teaming up with the City of Fresno – a collaborative effort to ensure all students have a reliable way to get to class.

Mayor Lee Brand stated, “I was here 45 years ago finishing at [Fresno] City College and 45 years ago there was a major parking problem. I remember always scrambling trying to find a place, getting late to class.”

McLaughlin said having the free bus service is one last thing busy students will have to worry about.

“It’s a huge financial savior for students here on campus,” said McLaughlin.

Washington said he’s excited for his peers to see that public transportation can be beneficial in several ways.

He ended, “I’m from New York, so the bus teaches you time management, and so students will learn in all areas of their life just by taking the bus.”

The City said it also hopes the bus program will cut down on carbon emissions.