Fresno and Clovis plan on storing as much water as they can from the Fresno Irrigation District


The Fresno Irrigation District says we are over 140% of average in the Kings County and San Joaquin river watersheds.

Bill Stretch is the General Manager for Fresno Irrigation District. He says Fresno and Clovis are taking water from the irrigation district early in the year. 

“If we don’t use it there is a chance that we exceed our storage and our reservoirs and then that would be lost to the area,” says Stretch.

According to Stretch if the storms continue there could be a chance that reservoirs will be forced to release excess snow melt. 

“Right now we are hearing there is a 50/50 chance that there may be a flood release on pine flat,” says Stretch.

Mark Standriff with the city of Fresno says they can take the water allocated to them because of their recharge project which recently went on line. 

“So, that allows us to take that allotment that we get and to be able to turn that into a clean safe reliable water supply and let our ground water wells rest,” says Standriff.

However, the city of Clovis does not have numerous recharge bins. Meaning they can only hold so much water. 

Paul Armendariz is the Assistant Public Utilities Director for the city of Clovis. He says they are using what they can and when it gets closer to the end of the water year they might have to stop taking water.

“Depending on where our allocation is we will try to, if there is room in our recharge basins, we will put the rest of the allocation there as much as we can.”

According to Armendariz the city of Clovis is looking to expand in the future.

“If we can find more lands for more recharge basins we will do that,” says Armendariz. “So, right now we are ultimately looking at capturing as much water as we can and using our full complete allocation.”

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