FPD partners with federal agents to curb gun violence


In an effort to curb gang violence Fresno Police and federal agents are working to get illegal guns off city streets. At one location they seized 260 guns and at least 60,000 rounds of ammunition. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer wants to reduce the number of shootings in the city by 20% with the help of federal agents. Legal experts say by working with federal agents the Fresno Police Department will be able to let federal prosecutors take over some of these cases that means stiffer penalties for gun crimes and a strong message to gangs. 

In 2017 there were more than 500 shootings in the City of Fresno, 516 to be exact, combine that with 30 murders attributed to gang violence in the same year. In 2018 Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer wants to chart a different course and reduce the number of shootings by 20%. The Fresno Police Department confirmed a partnership with federal ATF agents and the MAGEC gang unit making an arrest, seizing 260 guns and at least 60,000 rounds of ammunition at one location alone. 

“This is going to be ongoing. This is what the citizens of Fresno can expect and this is what they deserve and I can promise you this, we are sending a very strong message to gang members in this city that we are not going to tolerate some of their activities to include their drive by shootings,” said Dyer.  

Legal experts say federal prosecutors will help fresno police hold people accountable for gun crimes. 

“The punishments available to the federal government for weapons violations is much more significant than the state,” said legal expert David Mugridge. 

Hoping to crackdown on the number of crime scenes, investigators from multi-agencies are working to find illegal guns. Chief Dyer says this is just the beginning. 

“Again, We’re trying to keep many of the details confidential because we want to to continue with this investigation to see if in fact maybe there are other individuals who are distributing large amounts of firearms in our city,” said Dyer. 

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