Fowler bus driver discovers body during morning route, children on board bus


The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a homicide after a school bus driver noticed a man lying on the side of the road during his Tuesday morning route. 

According to the Fowler Unified School District, the bus driver with four students on the vehicle noticed something that appeared to be a body in the field.

The sheriff’s office believe the victim who has been identified as Jose Vasquez, 18, from Selma was killed in the area of East Springfield and Claremont Avenue.

Dputies say Vasquez was struck by multiple bullets.

“It was in plain sight. It looks like they didn’t put any effort to try to hide this man’s body. It’s only about 10 feet off the road so it sure looks like they wanted to get this job done and take off as quickly as they could,” Fresno County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Tony Botti said. 
Amanda Ortega, who lives in the area was upset to learn a murder had happened so close to where he family lives. 

“That’s somebody son, uncle, brother, who didn’t go home last night because somebody took his life like nothing and dumped him like nothing,” Ortega said. 

She said she usually goes for an evening walk by herself but will now be taking her dogs with so she can feel safe. 

According to the Fowler School District, two of the students stated they saw the body and school personnel followed up with the students on the bus once they arrived at school. 

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