Former Kingsburg Principal & Mother Honored at Memorial


We now know how a former Kingsburg principal and her mother died. The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office said 55-year old Jennifer DuPras and 88-year old Cynthia Houk were fatally shot. The women were found dead last month in a home near Palm and Sierra in Fresno. No arrest has been made yet. A memorial for the two victims was held today near Kingsburg High School.

Friends tell us DuPras adored all things French, but loved nothing more than her only child, Alison DuPras.

“My mom was just the like classiest woman ever… she was the person that, you know, if we were going out to lunch she would say you pick whatever you want, whatever makes you happy. It was really never about her,” said Alison.

But on Thursday, it was all about her. Nearly 200 of Dupras’ closest friends and family gathered at the Young Life center in Kingsburg.

Dupras’ friends Leslie and Peter Woolcock commented, “She was a great personality, you liked her instantly.”

Dupras was an educator in Kingsburg for 27 years, and most recently a principal. She also devoted much time to the Alliance Francaise de Fresno organization. President Scott Donaghe said it’s not the same without her.

He said, “It’s always difficult to lose someone, that is as special as Jennifer, and it’s a tough time.”

Questions still remain, surrounding the women’s deaths. Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims confirms no arrests have been made yet. But, we are hearing for the first time how they died.

Mims said, “Both victims died as a result of gunshot wounds and nobody has been ruled out. We are still investigating this, we have a lot of forensic evidence that we’ve sent to lab for testing, we’re waiting for the return of that evidence now.”

Alison said she’s grateful for all the love and support she’s received from the community, but said it’s still a struggle every day living with few answers.

“Definitely praying every day for an arrest. It’s definitely something that I think will bring peace a little bit and closure,” ended Alison.

The Sheriff’s Office needs surveillance video from any homes or businesses near Houk’s house at Palm and Sierra. If you have video from December 8th to the 11th, contact the Sheriff’s Office.

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