Former Fresno Police Captain Killed in Officer Shooting Dealt With Mental Health Issues, Police say


An officer involved shooting on Monday left a former Fresno Police Captain Dead.

Police said they got the call at 11:30 a.m. on the 200 block of Moody of a man trying to kill himself.

Police said the suspect was later identified as former Fresno Police Captain, 63 year old Marty West.

Chief Dyer said it is very sad day for the department because they lost one of their very own. He said  the officers involved were shaken up and didn’t expect west to charge them.

“It shocked me, i noticed all the policemen were crying,” said Timothy Nolt, Marty West’s neighbor.

Timothy Nolt, Marty West’s neighbor for 35 years found out that West, a former Fresno Police Captain was killed when he walked outside of his home to see the scene.  

 “My wife said I turned white, I really did,” said Nolt. 

     Police said at 11:30 on Monday, they got a call from west’s wife saying her husband was covered in blood and trying to kill himself.
      When they arrived at the home, West’s wife said he was still armed with a knife.
 Police said the officers openend the door  and saw West standing in a pool of blood.
 “He had a large knife wound to his neck that he did prior to officers arriving,” said Chief Jerry Dyer, Fresno Police Chief. 

 Police said West charged at officers. One officer fired a stun gun but it had no effect, then the other officer fired two shots, killing West. 

“I have seen the body cam footage. The officers had no other choice,” said Chief Dyer. 

Dyer said west joined the department in 1974, working his way up to a Fresno police Captain until 2007. He moved on to become Oakdale’s Police Chief and retiring a couple years later.

Dyer said West had been struggling with his mental health for the last few months. He and his family were trying to get him help.

Chief Dyer said it was a group effort to help West. He said West’s family took his guns out of their home and gave them to a neighbor for safe keeping. 

“Marty recognized he needed help and was reaching out, unfortunately today no one was able to intervene in time,” Chief Dyer. 

Now his neighbors remembering him and the hole he leaves in his community.. 
“All in the neighborhood liked him, I liked him,” said Nolt.

Both officers involved have been placed on paid administrative leave as protocol. 


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