SHERMAN, N.Y. (WIVB) – For one Chautauqua County family, attending Sunday’s Bills game will be a sign of the amazing progress they’ve made as a family.

Last winter, a devastating fire killed their one-year-old son and brother. Two other children in the home suffered severe burns.

Pictures of the Taylor family on their journey to rebuild show that even with a broken heart they’re still able to smile. The severe burns on their daughter Elliye and their son Miles — a constant reminder of that awful day.

“There’s things that we’ve had to adapt through and I guess that’s just part of us being a family,” said Joshua Taylor, their father.

Last winter, an electrical issue at their home in Sherman caused it to go up in flames. Their mother Tiffany and sons Holden and Archer made it out safely. Elliye and Miles jumped from the second floor. But one-year-old Watson was not able to make it out.

“It’ll never be normal again, it’s changed everyone’s life,” Taylor said.

The Taylor family, with the help of the community, has been lifted up. Elliye and Miles have gotten better, with the help of doctors in Pittsburgh. Elliye is now back in school and Miles doing tutoring. Elliye will be in a school play in a couple of weeks.

“It’s still you know, getting used to being home and such it’s getting better for sure I can’t exactly say how Miles is doing but I think he’s doing a lot better,” Elliye said.

Elliye and her dad will be looking for some fight from the Bills on Sunday. They’ll be going to their first Bills game. Their tickets behind the Bills bench were raffled off and those tickets were donated to the Taylor family. It’s the first time they’ll be able to do something really fun since their lives were changed forever.

They plan on getting to their seats early to get autographs. The family is just asking for your prayers, however, if you’d like to make a donation to the family, you can do so by visiting a local Community Bank and donating to the Taylor Fire fund.

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