FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) — Many fitness centers across the Valley have moved their operations outside to comply with state guidelines.

While many are struggling because of the heat, one yoga studio is loving it.

Blue Moon Yoga instructor, Christine Rose Brown, says for her hot yoga classes the Fresno heat is no problem.

“Our room is typically set to 105 degrees so this is actually cooler than what they would actually experience,” said Christine.

All classes are outside right in front of the building for their Fresno location.

All students must follow their safety guidelines.

“As people show up we just make sure that they are distanced 6 feet apart students are wearing their mask as they make their way on to their mats and as soon as they are on they can take their mask off they don’t practice with it,” Christine added.

Blue Moon Yoga has a second location in Clovis which also just started providing outdoors classes at the Veterans Memorial District Courtyard.

Christine said with the pandemic and everything else happening it’s important to try some of these practices and invites everyone to join.

“Now more than ever we need our practice I am always reminding students to just be kind to their bodies to take care of themselves, make sure they are getting rest, eating good and healthy foods so that they bodies can operate properly and also keeping a clear and open mind is that they can approach challenges in a better way,” Christine added.

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