First storm brings busy day for Central Valley first responders


It was a very busy and deadly night on the roads for Central Valley law enforcement. 

A five vehicle crash in Fresno County left two people dead.

“It’s really dark out here, plus the weather. We don’t know yet. (The investigation) is in it’s very preliminary stages at this time,” Sgt. James Del Carlo of the California Highway Patrol said Wednesday. 

He said a Lincoln Navigator ran a stop sign at Highway 43 and Clarkson and was t-boned by a big rig at full speed. Shortly after two more cars were headed down the roadway. 

“They ended up getting involved and being struck by either the big rig or the Lincoln Navigator,” Del Carlo said. 

Then another trucker collided with the scene. Investigators are working to find the exact cause of this crash.

The heavy rain was a factor in many other crashes. 

“Driving too fast and hit some water in the roadway,” Sgt. Edward Jacobs of the California Highway Patrol said. 

He said a Corvette was speeding, lost control on the slick roadway and hit a tree. 

Authorities are expecting to see many similar scenes as the holiday travel season peaks. 

“We’re going back to Salinas right now so we’re really hoping just to drive safely and not get in a car crash,” said one couple. 

Many drivers also said weather doesn’t change others actions on the roads. 

“They do sudden stops and making lefts without signals and that kind of stuff,” said another motorist. 

Jacobs said these weather related crashes are avoidable. 

“Just slow down. We’re all in a hurry to get somewhere. Just got to slow down and watch the cars in front of you,” Jacobs said. 

He said during these time periods they respond to about ten times their normal amount of calls. 

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