The felon whose mug shot went viral on Facebook said she would consider a modeling career. Mirella Ponce was released from jail after accepting a plea deal.

As soon as Ponce saw our cameras outside of jail, she turned around and covered her face. The same face that went viral on Facebook.

“It’s embarrassing. I feel like it’s embarrassing,” said Ponce. 

The Facebook post by Fresno PD was shared more than 5,000 times. Many commented saying Ponce looks attractive. Ponce says her mother has always told her she should be a model. 

“If God puts that modeling thing in my way, of course, I wouldn’t turn it down,” she said. “I would be a fool not to go for it. It would be a good thing for both of my kids.”

Ponce pleaded guilty Wednesday to a felony count of concealing a gun in a car with her 1-year-old daughter. Three other charges against her were dropped, including child abuse. 

“It wasn’t like I was going to do a drive by or anything crazy,” Ponce said. “It was a friend’s birthday and we were going to celebrate. But, I made a mistake to carry my daughter and my gun at the same time. But she wasn’t in any danger.”

Court documents show Ponce admitted to belonging to a gang. Her neck is heavily tattooed with the words “love is pain” and “pain is pleasure.”

“What about your tattoos, what does that mean? Love is pain,” asked reporter Matt Mendes. Ponce didn’t have an answer. 

Legal analyst David Mugridge said it’s not unusual for a plea deal in a case like this.

“Even with the plea bargain she got, she is potentially facing some prison time as a result of that plea and her freedom may be very short lived,” Mugridge said. 

Mugridge adds the conviction could hurt her future plans.

“Her career as a model doesn’t look very promising,” he said.

Ponce said her priorities are now turning her life around, getting her kids back, and going to cosmetology school. 

“It’s crazy that this is what it took for me to learn a lesson,” she said.

Ponce’s mother is watching her daughter. Ponce says she has a few things to take care of a few things before getting her daughter back.

At least one person posted to Facebook offering to pay her bail after the arrest, but no one did and Ponce said she wasn’t expecting that.