Fans enjoy football festivities, police increase DUI patrols


Fresno police are doubling their traffic patrol numbers for Super Bowl Sunday. 

In addition to drunk drivers, officers are also looking for pedestrians who may be intoxicated. 

Football fans packed bars and house parties across town.

“(We have) beer specials also as well. A bucket of Bud Light for $20 or two for $30,” Karla Pallaya a manager at Fat Boys said. 

“It’s a great day for people to get together and enjoy family and friends and eat good food and have a few drinks but it’s also a very dangerous day to get out on the road if you have been drinking,” Sgt. Brian Rogers a traffic supervisor with the Fresno Police Department said. 

The department is increasing its patrols and hitting the streets. 

“We saturate the city with motor officers and patrol officers in cars specifically looking for those drivers that are impaired,” Rogers said. 

He said pedestrian fatalities are up, so that’s a big focus for the department now. Officers will be picking up people who are intoxicated, even if they are not behind the wheel. 

Pallaya said she wants all their guests to have fun and be safe. 

“(We) feed them, give them chips and salsa, water and you know just keep them to a limit to keep them safe,” she said. 

Increased patrols will continue until about 4 a.m. Monday.

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