SANGER, Calif. (KSEE) – More than 100 people gathered in Sanger on Wednesday to remember the life of 38-year-old Larry Reed Jr.

Reed Jr. was killed in a motorcycle crash over the weekend so family and friends held a candlelight vigil in his honor.

Friends said one of Reed Jr.’s favorite places was Sunmaid Grocery. His group would go every day to barbecue and hang out, so they decided to hold the gathering there.

“He was a 38-year-old very adventurous, happy-go-lucky, God-fearing, loving man,” Kim Reed his mother said.

She said he was the life of the party, and that’s why his vigil was just that.

Reed Jr.’s life was cut short Saturday.

Officers said he was on a motorcycle speeding when a minivan made a u-turn directly into his path. He slammed into the vehicle and was thrown from his bike, killing him.

Friends said he was funny, adventurous and would do anything to help.

“It just shows he was a genuine person because all these people showed up for him,” Morgan Shafer said.

The large group included Reed’s six-year-old daughter, who shared her heartbreak.

“We would always do fun things together, and we would also always be with each other and now I just really miss him,” she said.

Reed was a carpenter and part of the motorcycle community, who came out in force. He was also on the board of a non-profit animal rescue.

“(His death) brought a bunch of people together that I didn’t know, will know, and we’ll be a part of each other’s lives from now on,” Kim said.

She said she wants to see people be safer on the roads asking riders to slow down and drivers to be aware of their surroundings.