FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – A rise in cases of the flu is fueling concern about what could happen if people get the flu and coronavirus at the same time.

The co-infection of COVID-19 and the flu has an unscientific name called, “flurona,” but has become a growing concern for health officials.

Catherine Martin, executive director of the California Immunization Coalition said people may think because they didn’t get the flu last year, that the virus isn’t a risk to them during this time of year.

“Last year we didn’t see a lot of influenza because people were not circulating in the community, we didn’t have a lot of virus circulating,” said Martin. “People may have thought since they didn’t get the flu because we didn’t see a lot of flu, that that’s not a risk to them, but now we see it’s even more of a risk.”

Martin explains the best way to protect yourself against both viruses is to get vaccinated.

“We can get that COVID vaccination or get those boosters or get that flu vaccination,” she said.