FRESNO, Calif. (KGPE) – With many people looking to find a new job as the new year continues, local Valley organizations are working to help those who may be interested in the technology industry.

Vice President of Bitwise Fresno Thilani Grubel says Bitwise offers a variety of different training and courses that are designed to help people begin a career in the technology industry,

Gruebel says some of these courses include websites for beginners, mobile for beginners, Javascript training, and more.

“Most industries are going digital and having technology skills is an asset for every employee and employer,” said Grubel. “Whether you’re trying to get into the tech industry or just trying to acquire some additional skills, tech is a part of our everyday life.”

Bitwise courses run for approximately six weeks with three-hour sessions twice every week.

Prices vary but usually cost around $250. Financial assistance is also available for those interested in signing up for a course on the Bitwise website Grubel says.