Sex offender's Halloween arrest caught on video by Eyewitness News

FRESNO, Calif. - Thousands of kids trick or treat Halloween night. While they're pounding the pavement hunting for candy, a team of law enforcement agents from around the Valley hit the streets to crackdown on sex offenders. It's called Operation Boo. 

We followed parole supervisor, Robert Provencio and his partner as they went from home to home in southeast Fresno. They made sure sex offenders on parole obeyed their 5pm curfew on Halloween, had no outside decorations, their lights were off and had no candy to hand out.

"I'm happy to see them come and tell them something," said Ellie Hale. Hale is upset about a sex offender living near her. She's taking action herself.

"I'm going to warn kids and I'm going to make sure they do not go near that area," said Hale.

That offender was in compliance. But the next stop, at an apartment complex on East Belmont, a sex offender was inside an apartment that was decorated on the outside. Agents say, the man claimed his roommate decorated.

"He's on parole, he knows his conditions and this is a clear violation of his parole," said Provencio. 

Provencio said the suspect mentioned a Halloween decoration contest at his apartment complex with the winner receiving a discount on rent. But what he could've gotten as a discount, will cost him a lot more.

"That's one less potential victim," said Provencio.

Agents went to 53 homes in Fresno and Madera and made eight arrests.


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