Experts suggest staying indoors when a wind advisory is issued


Wind gust in the valley got up to 35 miles per hour and for allergy sufferers windy days can be a nightmare. 

 Dr. A.M. Aminian with the Allergy Institute says days like today greatly affect allergy sufferers.  

“We have wind, we have dust, and we have a lot of pollen in the air,” says Dr. Aminian. 

He says the wind picks up mold from the air. He calls them toxins that we breathe in. 

“So, the wind picks up all of the mold in the air and we can inhale it.” says Dr. Aminian. “So, there is always a risk of getting valley fever.”

Maricela Velasquez with the Valley Air District says they have issued a health cautionary statement because of the wind.

“We encourage individuals to basically stay indoors if you see blowing dust in your area,” says Velasquez. “It is very localized but we are seeing it across the entire San Joaquin Valley.”

But, that is not always possible for some people like construction workers or students. 

Carlos Gonzalez is a Fresno State student who suffers from allergies. 

“It’s bad for me because I also have asthma and you know how it’s a dome so all of the bad air stays here,” says Gonzalez. 

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