Experts say beware of new online shopping scams this holiday season


Black Friday deals are just hours away. While most will try to get those door-busters in person.

The Better Business Bureau estimates online shopping will exceed in-store shopping this year.

BBB says there are a few online scams trending right now. Most of them can be found on the very thing we use daily, social media sites.

Many of us head online to buy what we’re looking for, because it’s convenient.

“I shop for the kids clothes and for my clothes,” Chasity Esquivel, online shopper, said.

“It eases the convenience of me not having to wake up my 5-year-old to run to the store super early to try to catch a deal,” Karley Powell, online shopper, said.

Most of us frequent social media sites and mega online shops daily.

Better Business Bureau said people need to be vigilant about where were they shop online.

BBB said a big trending scam right now, Ads on social media accounts offering free products.

“They’ll make you pay for shipping and now these scammers have their credit card information, their name, their address and that product never even existed,” Kayleena Speakman, spokesperson for Better Business Bureau, said.

Another trending scram, Better Business Bureau says hackers sending fake Amazon emails.

“They’re going to send mass emails saying your Amazon account has been corrupted or we need your card information again, or check your shipping address,” Speakman said.

So, how can you avoid this?

“Make sure that when you’re shopping online that you going to HTTPS and that makes sure you’re going to a secure site,” Dustin Watkins, a digital forensics analysis with Clovis Police Department, said.

Watkins said avoid using public WiFi when shopping online.

“It can be extremely easy to take over a public WiFi and you would not even be aware, its called being poisoned, you might not be aware that the router is poisoned and connect to it anyway and you would get all the same information that you normally would expect all your information is going through the hackers computer,” Watkins said.

Watkins also said avoid clicking on Ads or opening emails, even if they seem legit.

“Just be aware of the links to make sure that its actually going to were you want, if you think you’re getting directed to Nike and you’re going to then its probably not Nike,” Watkins said.

Better Business Bureau said it’s also a good idea to report the scam to police. Police said online fraud is a felony.

If you’re unsure about a website, BBB said you can call and ask them about it.

Their office number is: 559.222.8111

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