Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Tulare) said that the incidental information he said the Obama administration collected on the Trump team may have been legal, but he sure isn’t OK with it.

“It may be legal, but I’m not sure that it’s right,” Nunes said.

Nunes talked exclusively with KSEE24’s Evan Onstot and CBS47’s Alex Backus ahead of a speech he’s giving in Fresno on Friday afternoon, to talk about the ongoing spotlight put on him as the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee.

The big question was about Nunes’ handling of the investigation into President Trump’s claims that the Obama administration had wiretapped Trump Tower. Nunes said there is evidence that members of the Trump team appeared to have been monitored in some fashion.

“I have no problem with it being picked up,” said Nunes, referring to the incidental collection of information. Nunes said it happens all the time. But he said information is collected on American citizens when they have a conversation with a suspected or known terrorist, but the name of the American isn’t listed unless the conversation was of a “criminal issue.”

“It’s wrong,” Nunes said.

He also answered criticism around the circumstances in which he obtained the information, and how he presented it.

Nunes said he obtained information, then he informed the press, and then he briefed the president on what he’d found.

“That’s not sneaking around; that’s being pretty transparent,” Nunes said. Nunes also said that he was the one who warned the Obama administration about Russia in the first place. So he’s the perfect one to be looking into this case, he said.

“I’m a Russia hawk,” Nunes said. “I’m not part of the administration; I wasn’t confirmed. I’m only confirmed by the people who voted for me in this Valley.”

He said that the New York Times report on being handed information by White House officials was “mostly wrong.”

Nunes will be speaking to the Ag Lenders Society at Tornino’s at noon.

This is a developing story, and this story will be updated.