Employees at a pot dispensary say it’s not marijuana induced hallucinations, their shop is haunted


(NBC) MUST SEE! Employees at an Oregon Pot Dispensary say it’s not marijuana induced hallucinations giving them the spooks! Their shop is haunted. And there is video to prove it. 

It’s almost Halloween but things are already pretty “spooky” at an Oregon City marijuana shop.
Employees there are seeing some strange things some think it might be haunted! In downtown Oregon City there are spirits afoot. At least that’s the theory behind paranormal activity witnessed at “Five Zero Trees,” a cannabis dispensary. Surveillance video from August shows a glass tip jar on the counter, slowly starts to move suddenly, the jar falls off the level surface.

Not long after that this happened watch the pen cup. It’s completely still and no one’s around, when suddenly, the pens begin to move! If you think the video’s been doctored that would be against the law.

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