Elderly Clovis veteran accused of molesting three children


Clovis, CA – A 69-year old Clovis man is accused of molesting three children. Clovis police arrested Philip Morris at his mobile park home on February 8.

“All victims were victimized between the ages of 5 and 12 over a multi-year period.” 

Sgt. Jim Munro with the Clovis Police Department says they have been investigating Morris for alleged lewd sex acts with kids since June of 2017. That’s when the family of the first victim came forward. Through interviews they uncovered a second and a third victim.

“They were known to the suspect, they were not random victims at all.” said Munro

Morris is facing 10 counts of child sexual assualt. He lived inside a mobile home park in Clovis. A couple of his neighbors who did not want to go on camera say they were shocked to hear he was arrested for molesting children.

“Most of them took place at a residence here in Clovis and there was one incident that took place off-site.” said Munro.

Morris is a veteran, and from time to time he would visit the American Legion Hall. Veterans we talked to inside also did not want to go on camera, but did tell me they would have never suspected he would harm any kids.

Clovis police believe there’s only three victims. Morris remains in jail on a $485-thousand bond.

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