SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday announced that every Californian will now have access to free online tutoring.

The program is held through a partnership with Brainfuse Help Now and local libraries across the state, according to a press release sent out Monday. The service offers free assistance in all K-12 subjects in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Tagalog. HelpNow also has free “skill-building resources for adult learners.”

Along with the newly launched tutoring program, Gov. Newsom also announced $254 million in grants that will help public libraries in 172 cities, and is just the first part of the more than $430 million from the previously announced Building Forward Library Improvement Grant Program.

“With historic investments to give the youngest Californians a strong start in life, enrich our schools and expand supports like tutoring, we’re building on our commitment to create more opportunities for every child in our state to thrive,” said Newsom. “Public libraries are the hearts of communities across the state and our hubs of learning, discovery, and oftentimes – safety. While states across the nation are banning books, California is awarding $254 million in grants for our historic public libraries – an investment to make books more accessible by repairing and modernizing libraries throughout the state.”

The money from the grant will be used for everything from the expansion of library programs to the renovation and redevelopment of properties.

“There are lots of reasons 24 million Californians have library cards. Local libraries are cornerstones of their communities and critical parts of California’s education system,” said Greg Lucas, California State Librarian. “Strengthening public libraries strengthens California and helps make it easier for all Californians to get the information and assistance they need to succeed and thrive.”

“Not every family can afford a private tutor. Now through the CA State Library Brainfuse HelpNow program, every Californian can get free online tutoring. HelpNow tutors will assist all learners from Kindergartners on up build thinking and problem-solving skills. Tutors work with students through their homework challenges, and guide them to the right solution, without giving the answer,” said Jack Rothstein, Brainfuse Library Services Director.

For more information on free programs and services offered at California libraries, click HERE.