GOSHEN, Calif. (KSEE) – A local preschool teacher is busy in her classroom this year helping shape the minds of future leaders.  

The community of Goshen is a small region but has a focus when it comes to academic excellence. Ms. Veronica Llamas’s close-knit classroom is all about finding new ways to teach young minds.  

“Goshen is all about families all about our kiddos and we just have people here that have a true heart for our kids and Ms. Llamas is one of those people,” says Angelina Gonzales Thomas, Principal at Goshen Elementary School.

Being an educator for over a decade, Ms. Llamas has studied ways to keep kids busy in the classroom, not only through constant support but lessons that will challenge them in positive ways.

“It feels more like a blessing to me because I’m able to teach them during this time, nurture them, and send them home, but every year we get new students that come along and it’s so rewarding to have that,” says Ms. Llamas.

Learning in this day and age is critical for our young learners and many have acquired a learning gap due to the pandemic. Ms. Llamas feels teaching them through fun activities will help them with their social awareness and emotional management.   

“Engaging with them bringing out their language talking to them and most importantly teaching them how to learn through play,” says Leti Trevino, Director of the Early Childhood Education Program.

But it takes a team to make the teaching magic happen for these kids. Ms. Llamas has a special message for those who make her job a fun experience.

“We have a lot of support I wouldn’t be able to do it without my staff and the school support our principal and our director of the preschool program are very helpful in providing supplies,” says Ms. Llamas.