FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – A local science teacher is opening students’ eyes to the study of everyday life. 

Students look forward to going to Xico Rojas’ biology class.

Ava Skoglund, a sophomore at Redwood High School, says he’s one of her favorite teachers.

“He’s really nice and a fun teacher and he’s like one of my favorite teachers and I look forward to his class every day,” Skoglund said.  

Rojas is opening his students’ eyes to the study of everyday life and the vital processes that make it all possible.

“Biology connects with so many different things that when students go oh that’s biology and then you see it click and then, I’m like ok this is a good day,” said Mr. Rojas.  

Mr. Rojas is a Central Valley native who has always had a love of teaching. After attending university in Bakersfield, he knew his next mission was to head back home and teach local youth.

He goes the extra mile to teach them the modern principles of science and it brings him joy. Helping the students understand it all is his goal.   

“When it comes to tests and stuff, he always has study guides and resources and so many like opportunities for you to learn all the things you need to learn,” said sophomore Ava Amundson.

Mr. Rojas knows creating a safe space in his classroom is important. A space where his students are comfortable learning and asking questions.  

“They have to see that I’m a person and a teacher, not just a like teacher, so once they realize oh, I’m a person, like there’s flaws and we grow, we grow together,” Mr. Rojas said.   

Only in his second year of teaching has he not only created a community that appreciates him but a forever home.  

“I love helping people first off and it’s honestly the best feeling getting someone where they need to be or teaching them what they don’t want to know, especially sparking new interest. That’s probably my favorite thing,” he said.

So a big congratulations to Rojas at Redwood High School. Your hard work and dedication has made you KSEE24’s educator of the week.