FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – A first-year teacher at Aspen Meadow Public School is being recognized for her big personality and ability to connect with each student. Sara Vasquez was selected as Educator of the Week by KSEE24.

Excitement filled her sixth-grade classroom as the principal surprised Miss Vasquez with the news. She says she never expected to be nominated for KSEE24’s Educator of the Week in her first year of teaching.

“I didn’t know what was happening!”

The way she connects with her students she says makes them feel like they belong in her classroom.

“I have mentor meetings with all my kids. So having a better understanding of who they are. Of what they like to do. Of what they think is fun,” said Miss Vasquez.

It’s her sense of humor and energy her students and the principal really enjoy.

“She makes like a lot of jokes and she just has these little fun activities and when someone walks into the classroom she will say ‘oh hey, good morning sunshine’ and it’s funny,” said sixth-grade student Tristan Mayo.

Miss Vasquez plans to spend her $124 dollars to GW School Supply on classroom items for her students.