MARIPOSA, Calif (KSEE) – One teacher with skills and lessons from the East Coast is now using them in a small Central California town.

Mrs. Jennifer Trump began her teaching career in New York City, but for the last six years has been teaching at Mariposa Elementary School. She is both a fifth-grade and sixth-grade teacher.

“In this crucial time of their life, this is the most exciting and the academic growth they make is also very exciting. But just seeing them develop into who they are going to be,” she said.

Mrs. Trump says pre-teen students are about to blossom into independence and learn more about themselves.

She believes lessons in the classroom will help her students in the real world by connecting concepts and more complex ideas.

“Hoping that you set them up for success with their study skills and just their love of learning. Hoping that you do the best you can to set them up for what they can become,” said Trump.

Even though she began her career in the big apple, students of Mrs. Trump appreciate her charm in their small town.

“She is amazing! She understands us very well. She teaches us. She understands out talents and helps us with what we do not know,” said student Lauren Roderick.

“I think she is really nice. She is a good teacher. Whenever you need help with a question. She will help you and she is always fair,” said student Levi Bibby.

All of her students agree that Mrs. Trump is well deserving of the $124 check to GW School Supply. She plans on using the money on something her students enjoy.

“The kids love art and it is often something that we often lack in supplies. Some things will just help them grow with their love of art and love of math. Maybe some new math stuff.”