KERMAN, California (KSEE) – For Educator of the Week, we are introduced to a P.E. teacher who uploads work-out videos for her middle school students to stay active. 

Coworkers said she would use YouTube and TikTok to motivate her students to have fun with fitness.

Mrs. Mandy Porto said she isn’t an ordinary middle school P.E. teacher. Porto said she tries to stay young and relate to her students by motivating them to work out by staying up to date on trending topics. 

“So, I think they tuned in every day. The biggest win was I learned things about TikTok and a song about a driver’s license that’s not a driver’s license,” said Porto.

Before the pandemic, Porto said she only used her computer to check her email. Now, she completes full workouts and posts them online for her students.

“We don’t have anything in an online component, so we had to like create it and create it fast,” said Porto. 

Recently Mrs. Porto was promoted to Assistant Principal and Athletic Director for Kerman High School. Coworkers said it’s because of her easy-going attitude and her adaptability to online learning.

Because Mrs. Porto was selected as the Educator of the Week she will be getting a $124 gift certificate to GW school supply in Fresno to purchase items for her student-athletes as they get adjusted to being back on campus.

“We really keyed in on social-emotional and exercise together, so we really tuned in on we need to get up and we need to move but recognize that this is hard,” said Porto.