KERMAN, Calif. (KSEE) – A special needs teacher who cares about getting to know each one of her students is being honored as KSEE24’s educator of the week.

The excitement filled Mrs. Emily Phillips’s special needs classroom at Kerman Middle School. She was nominated by one of her student’s parents who says “she never has to worry about her child in Mrs. Phillip’s class.

“She put my daughter in a typing class without me even asking, which is great. but I didn’t even have to ask for that I was like yes! You know she just did it, because she knew that Carson could do it.”, said Tina Salvador a special student’s mother.

Mrs. Phillips says she takes the time to really get to know each student – and in return, she has learned a lot from them.

“My students have taught me so much. First, patience, but I have learned that each student has something to express and something to say regardless if they are verbal or non-verbal. Everything that they do is something that they are trying to tell me and I need to take that time to stop and listen.”

Mrs. Emily Phillips

Mrs. Phillips says she’ll use the $124 dollars to GW School Supply on materials for her students to enhance their learning experience. She plans to continue being an advocate for her students.

She feels like the special needs community is many times not included and her goal is to make sure that students of all needs have a part in the community.