VISALIA, Calif. (KSEE) – With the school year in full swing one Central Valley teacher is making sure her students receive the best academic excellence. 

Students at Shannon Ranch Elementary School have been very busy this school year. If they aren’t having fun, they’re developing critical thinking skills and to help them along the way is Ceslie McMillian.

After four years of crafting new ways to teach and first learning how to teach during the pandemic, she’s excited about what this school year will bring.  

“I’ve had such a great experience with my students. I love the department I work with, it’s really an amazing school and it’s amazing to work with these students,” says McMillian. 

Many students in her class deal with disabilities. However, creating a safe space for them is this teacher’s goal. A day in the classroom first consists of reading and comprehension.  

“When we’re working with them, we target like learning the difference between B’s and D’s and learning sounds so teaching them those core skills that they’re gonna need for reading,” says McMillian. 

Once that’s done its time for math which student Evan Alvarado enjoys the most.

“I like it because I get to read and when we get to do math it’s real fun and interesting,” says Alvarado.

And teaching this new generation requires up-to-date electronics to grab their attention.  

“Learning how to use Google Classroom, Google Presentation, and all that and we can incorporate that into our classroom to make it more fun,” says McMillian. 

Fun is something this student loves most about her class.

“She’s fun and she likes to make jokes, she likes to make us laugh a lot,” says Ayvah Gonzalez.

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