FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) — For Educator of the Week, we are introduced to a kindergarten teacher that coworkers say has gone above and beyond for decades jumping back and forth with online learning and in-person learning. 

We head over to Sanger Unified to honor Mrs. Diana Coffman from Wilson Elementary School. 

Mrs. Coffman just completed her 31st year teaching kindergarten students at Wilson Elementary School and said this year was unlike any other. 

“They right away learned how to communicate with each other within their distance and now that we get to go out t recess that was the biggest thrill for a kindergartner, they were like we get to go out and play on it and I said yes you do it’s so exciting,” said Mrs. Coffman.

She said it was tough not seeing her students in person at first. But once they were able to return, she didn’t pass up the opportunity. 

“In November I had a full class. November 2 and I had in person and the parents trusted us and it’s been great the kids have been following the rules and it’s a wonderful community here at Wilson which is why I have been here for 31 years,” said Mrs. Coffman. 

Mrs. Coffman said because of distance learning taking place at the beginning of the school year, her students are even more thankful to be back learning in the classroom. 

Since Mrs. Coffman is KSEE 24’s Educator of the Week she will receive a $124 gift certificate thanks to GW school supplies. 

“Kids no big deal, but for the teachers those that are veterans here it was a whole different shift a whole different way of not doing centers and different readings and not doing this and not sharing it was like starting brand new,” said Mrs. Coffman.

Starting brand new and changing the lives of many is what Mrs. Coffman continues to do.