FRESNO, California (KSEE) – For Educator of the Week, a seventh-grade world history teacher has
in a short period of time made a big difference to her middle schoolers.

Jessica Cisneros teaches at Yosemite Middle School for Fresno Unified and is being recognized for the passion she has demonstrated in education in such a short time.

She is helping her students get through distance learning – but also helping her fellow co-workers.

“She leads in so many ways,” said Yosemite Middle School Principal Nichole Horn. “She is a leader in her professional learning community for all the history teachers. She leads the seventh-grade team and makes sure everyone is doing good technology.”

Coworkers say it’s been inspiring to see how involved she has been with her middle schoolers – bouncing back and forth from online learning and in-person instruction

“It’s a lot of getting them to hear the story watch the story draw the story and then answer the questions.”

Although this year was tough, Jessica Cisneros says she is thankful her students never gave up on her and is even more excited to see them in person five days a week next year.

“They have been through it all, but they just understand, and they are patient and are willing to work with one another and that’s what makes a difference.”

Helping students and co-workers get through this digital year is why Mrs. Cisneros is KSEE24’s Educator of the Week.