TERRA BELLA, Calif. (KSEE) – With just a couple of months left in the school year, an elementary school teacher in Terra Bella is busy preparing her students for their next term.

“I came here eighteen years ago and I came for a long-term sub position and I never left,” says Becky Borges, a 4th and 5th grade teacher at Saucelito Elementary School.

After almost two decades of helping her students achieve their best in the classroom, Mrs. Borges is still going strong and teaching.

With not one, but two grade levels you could say she has a lot on her plate, but the enjoyment she gets from her students is why she loves what she does.

“She really explains it to us to make us understand it better,” says Camila Bedolla, one of Mrs. Borges 5th grade students.

The pandemic brought on many challenges for both students and teachers. Mrs. Borges put in the extra work with every lesson to make sure her children were ready. Fast forward to today, those students she once taught during covid are back with her.

“They went through covid with me, and they never lost a grade level. Even now just showing them look at great you guys have come, and we didn’t miss a step and it’s because of their hard work,” says Mrs. Borges.

Hard work that has helped almost all her students swiftly transition into the next grade level. something Mrs. Borges knows all too well.

“That’s what I love about teaching two grade levels because what I’m working on with my fourth graders now I get to see them out that to use that next school year I get to see them go oh wow that’s why I learned that last year,” says Mrs. Borges.

From her mentees to fellow school staff, they all pretty much have this to say about Mrs. Borges.

“She is so helpful you come into her classroom and whatever you need she’s always there to help you. She guides me she guides me with everything if I have a question, she will answer it the best she can,” says Guadalupe Acosta, a 2nd and 3rd grade teacher at the school.