FRESNO, California (KSEE) – A Roosevelt High School culinary teacher has changed the way she engages her students to cook from home. 

Lily Benitez says she is trying to inspire her students to cook from home and enjoy the process. 

“So online I would cook, and we would make pizza and cookies,” said Benitez.

When teaching her students during this pandemic, Benitez decided to hold competitions to make cooking fun. Students would record themselves cooking a meal then send in pictures of the final product.

Dina Scambray is the Career Technical Education Coordinator. Scambray says she was very impressed with how Benitez stepped up and continued to educate her students about culinary.

“It was kind of like you were watching a cooking TV show and that’s how Lily has had to just completely obviously change her teaching like most educators have but to be in her kitchen videotaping herself on her own and then teaching to her students,” said Scambray. “It’s been really cool to watch.”

Scambray oversees all the career technical education at Roosevelt High School. Throughout this pandemic, Scambray says Benitez’s students were always excited to take her class. 

“She will stay after school or con a Saturday to do extra cooking for the students and put together bags of different ingredients so students can come pick them up in case, they didn’t have the supplies at home,” said Scambray.