FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – A teacher in Clovis Unified is showing her students how learning something new can be rewarding. 

Inside Mrs. Anderson’s class at Sierra Vista Elementary, you can find desks together in groups with young minds working alongside one another. It’s not just the proximity of the desks that matters, but the ability to work alongside fellow classmates to problem solve.

“Letting them work groups collaborating also helps because that way if they’re unsure of themselves but they still get called on they can use their other partner answers,” said Jodi Anderson, 6th Teacher at Sierra Vista Elementary. 

As groups are busy learning, hands are raised to answer any question Mrs. Anderson throws at them.   

“Makes us believe in ourselves and we know we can believe in ourselves when she tells us that,” said Jazmine Rubio, 6th grade student at Sierra Vista Elementary.

As the first quarter wraps up at the school students now have the building blocks to problem solve on their own and tackle anything that comes their way.   

“They have to be able to learn independently at some point so I try and build independent work time so when my kids do need that extra help I’m here for them,” said Mrs. Anderson.

Class President Kylee Tang is happy amongst her peers but is also thankful for her sixth-grade teacher who helps her prepare.   

“She helps me but she doesn’t help me rudely she helps me nicely,” said Kylee Tang, sixth grade student at Sierra Vista Elementary.

Mrs. Anderson has been busy this year helping get her kids ready for seventh grade but says it’s not really work when you love what you do.  

“It’s the kids I come here for the kids I do it for the kids,” said Anderson.  

A big congratulations to Mrs. Anderson at Sierra Vista Elementary School your hard work has made you KSEE24’s Educator of the Week.