FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – With the start of the new school year, KSEE24 is proud to honor outstanding teachers and staff every week from schools throughout the valley.

This week’s KSEE24 Educator of the Week took us to Manchester Gate Elementary in Fresno, where, Allison Connelly, a third-grade teacher is making learning fun for her students. She has been teaching for over two decades and has been at Manchester Gate for nine years.

Two of her previous students, one now a sixth grader and the other a fourth grader, nominated her for the award. They say that Mrs. Connelly is really fun and has a lot of energy. Something that, according to them, she was still able to convey during distance learning.

Mrs. Connelly credits her students for her success in teaching.

“They teach me things every day. And that is what keeps me going and this is my lifelong learning opportunity right here,” said Mrs. Connelly.

As KSEE24 Educator of the Week, Mrs. Connelly received a $124 check from GW School Supply. She plans to use those funds on art supplies for her classroom.