FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – According to the CDC, 37% of young people reported experiencing anxiety and other mental health issues like depression during the pandemic. To help others overcome their trauma, a Parlier Unified fifth grader created a book.

12-year-old Kaylah Beltran at John Martinez Elementary found herself suffering from a condition she was not aware of. Kaylah, who was a fifth grader at the time decided to chronicle her journey through anxiety.

As a project for the young author’s fair put on by the Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools. Kaylah wrote a book – and it not only won an honor but attracted the attention of mental health professionals.

Kaylah’s book debut at a special event held at her school. It was announced that the Department of Behavioral Health would print over one thousand copies of “My Anxiety Journey” to be distributed to every fifth-grade class.

Kaylah says she’s glad her book will help other students and encourages them to seek out help the way she did.