FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – Employers say it’s important for workers to be able to work well with others including, people who may be in a different department. CTEC High School is showing students how to develop this skill by doing it.

Building a house is not just a construction worker pounding together a wood frame – it requires many more skills and working with others in the industry.

“If you’re needing parts in the construction industry you would need somebody to manufacture them and get back to you,” said Mark Brown, construction trades instructor at CTEC High School.

Mark Brown is the construction trades instructor at CTEC High School in Fresno. It offers two pathways: construction and manufacturing. Students are working on a project that shows how both trades go hand in hand.

The integrated project requires students to team up to build a self-contained solar-powered planter box.

Student Samantha Lazalde says she’s practicing her construction management class in real life.

“In the real world, in industry construction manufacturing, you can’t have one without the other so we are able to practice that,” said student Samantha Lazalde. “Here we are communicating with our manufacturing pathway students and they are providing us with the materials we need.”

The instructors say one of the most important skills students are learning is communication, communicating and trusting someone in a different pathway to do it right.