FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – Students at Fresno County’s Career Techincal Education Charter High School stood ready to make their pitches and show off the projects they worked all semester on.

For many of them, it represented a year of uninterrupted learning, something most have not had in nearly two years.

Each class got to tackle their own topic.

The sophomore class tackled the topic of school culture and how students interact with each other on campus.

The class created a table-top arcade to help build the culture between their classmates. The students are planning to donate the games to other schools that are also searching to build their culture.

Student Alex Gonzalez says the project offered a chance for many to use the skills they learned all year and put them to good use.

“It helps us build our communication skills and to talk with strangers like this because when I before I came here I was really nervous but now I feel more better,” said Gonzalez.

CTEC helps to prepare students for their next step whether it’s college or career. The industry partners attending the event say these kids are well on their way.