FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – Fresno’s CTEC High School is known for its hands-on learning approach and for providing students with the latest in technology but students are also required to use all that they learn to help others.

By the time they reach their senior year, students have mastered such skills as computer-aided design, using laser printers and cutters, and graphics production and welding.

Brian Emerson teaches advanced manufacturing at the Career Technical Charter High School and gave seniors in his advanced project development class this assignment:

“Take all the knowledge, all the skills they learned over the last four years put it together to make a project to help students in elementary school learn something.”

Putting their skills to the test they came up with and produced learning games like word blocks.

“Like letter blocks, but instead of letters there are words,” explained student Paul Klepac. “So you can put the words together to make a sentence.”

Sofia Escandon says her project, called Let’s Go Fishing, was designed to make learning math fun for first graders.

“They’ll go into the fish palette and the guide to either what kind of fish they want,” said Sofia. “They pull it up and then they’ll catch it and they can decide if they want to put it in the addition tank or the subtraction tank.”

These seniors not only had to design and make their projects – but find ways to market them. Some made promotional videos, others designed flyers. The class as a whole decided to showcase their kinesthetic learning aids at ArtHop.

On a Thursday evening, people showed up to see the students’ work. They were hopeful that teachers would see something they could use in the classroom. Students who are required to participate in community projects would provide the product free.

“I think it’s great that the older students are giving back to the younger students by creating these different learning methods,” said Tara Sweeney with Fresno Metro Ministry.