FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – You could call it a teaching cross-over event: two different schools, two different teachers, bringing their students together to learn.

A Clovis couple who teaches career tech education is having their students learn from each other.

Jay Eichmann has taught construction technology for over a decade. His classes at Clovis High school are popular among students and in 2019 he was the Fresno County top teacher of the year.

“You can take students who may be a little disenfranchised with the education system and they can light on fire again for their own futures and that is such a rewarding part of this job,” said Jay.

At Clovis East High School you will find another teacher just as passionate about career tech education: Dr. Kelly Eichmann Ph.D.

“To see young people grow and blossom – and you know you have had a positive impact on them that you’re helping society one student at a time – there is nothing better than that,” said Dr. Kelly Eichmann.

Dr. Kelly Eichmann is Jay Eichmann’s wife. She teaches the patient care pathway classes at Clovis East. The couple often collaborate on new ways to teach students. His idea is to have his wife’s patient care pathway students teach his construction class how to respond to accidents that may happen onsite and on the job. In this teaching crossover event, Dr. Eichmann’s students set up five stations to teach the construction students how to administer CPR.

“It makes me feel more safe and more secure knowing what to do,” said student Austin Price. “Because I feel like if you were put in a situation where you didn’t know what to do it just makes things worse.”

Dr. Eichman says participating in these training events gives her students more confidence.

The idea of students teaching students has gone so well that the Medical Pathway Students also teach safety skills to those in child development and welding careers.