FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – Students attending a Saturday program designed to help them with their math and language skills got a chance to celebrate their hard work as well as the beginning of winter break.

Fresno’s Storyland was turned into a winter wonderland for kids to enjoy. It was a treat from the Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools. Students in the Migrant Education Program were getting to enjoy Storyland’s Winter Wonderland – complete with snow.

“It’s like really fun because it’s like a field trip where you can hang out with your family and it gives you a break from the homework and stuff,” said student Marlene Vasquez.

Marlene participates in the core academy: a Saturday program where students work on their math and English language skills. This Saturday, they got to celebrate winter break with their families.

The highlight of this day was the real snow brought in just for them.

This was a family affair, a time to bond and enjoy a place that brought back memories for many.