FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – Summer may be a time of fun for students but it is also a time for learning for many others. This summer, the Fresno Unified School District is expanding summer programs to close the achievement gap for African American students.

When 10-year-old Mahaila Nason’s friends ask her what she did this summer, she can tell them she built a self-driving vehicle.

These small robots can’t compare to a tesla but teacher Jennifer Davis, says students participating in this math camp are learning how to program their robots to do the same thing

“They have to program every turn, every movement that the robot does so if they want it to drive forward, drive backwards, turn all of that has to be programmed into the bot,” explained Davis.

Math camp is one of the newest additions to the Fresno Unified School District’s Office of African American Academic Acceleration, known as A4.

The office is dedicated to closing the achievement gap and improving the learning of black students.

The three-week math camp is running at the same time the office is putting on its literacy program, now in its 5th year.

“We continue to expand and develop more rigor and higher expectations in regards to what we’re putting in front of our students,” said Jacqueline Machado-Austin, the project manager.

Because literacy, reading with proficiency, and fluency are the foundation for all learning, A4 has expanded the program.

A big part of the program’s success is its requirement for parental involvement…parents participate in workshops and training designed to help them support their student at home.

“I love to be involved with the children, learning and looking at everything they’re doing and i love the communication also,” said parent Sequrey Marshall.

Marshall joined other parents at the showcase for math camp students. She was proud of her son’s accomplishments.

The Office of African American Academic Acceleration not only offers its literacy and math programs but it has added kinder readiness and a program for middle school students.