FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KSEE) – Their numbers may be increasing but those in the industry say not enough women and other minorities are choosing to become engineers.

Fresno City College is reaching out to show young women there is a place for them in engineering.

In the Intro to Engineering classes at Fresno City College, students are learning the basics of robotics.

18-year-old Patricia Garcia says her cousin encouraged her to enter the field.  She is a first-year engineering student at FCC and is one of only two female students in her engineering class.

“I really like it, I’ve had a positive experience, especially with my engineering classes. It’s been a really good experience,” said Garcia.

Colleges and universities are doing a lot to encourage more young women to major in engineering. For the second year in a row, Fresno City College has put on its women in engineering day.

“Female students from local high schools come in there’s several activities for different majors so they get to see how really fun engineering is,” said Dr. Nihal Orfi, an engineering instructor.

Female students from Fresno and Edison high schools were brought onto the campus for a day of workshops and were surrounded by role models in the industry.

Chevron, a big supporter of STEM education not only presented the engineering department with a donation of $125,000 to bolster it’s program but brought a number of it’s female engineers to show these young women there is a place for them.

“We do need more engineers, more female engineers to graduate from colleges here in the valley in the region because there are opportunities plenty of opportunities but not enough people to take them,” said Marcelly Quirino, an engineer with Chevron

The workshops were full of hands-on activities like using 3-D printers and building electronic projects.

“It really gives you an idea of do you want to do this or do you don’t because like it really gives you an example of how things are really done in this field and not just some texts on paper telling you this is this, said Ri-ana Johnson, an Edison High School student.

The high school students were also told that there is a pathway to engineering at FCC where students can earn a degree or go on to a four-year institution.

“It’s not what most young girls may think is the natural route for females but it is, we can do it just as well as anybody else can.  So I want them to not be afraid and know they can do it.