Fresno, Calif. (KSEE/KGPE) – While the majority of teenagers are wrapping their heads around the first day of school, Pauline and John Estrada of Clovis North High School are focused on a trip to Stockholm, Sweden where they will take part in a top science fair.

Pauline and John Estrada are extraordinary students individually but when the brother and sister duo teamed up they were unbeatable. They won the National Stockholm Junior Water Prize, the most prestigious national award presented to high school students for water research.

 Estrada’s winning project used a custom-built rover that allowed them to collect data and run tests in the field. The equipment powered by artificial intelligence allowed them to evaluate drought stress in plants.

“I wasn’t sure if we would make it all the way that far but we were really just focused on making our project the best that we could working together and having fun”, said Pauline.

The Estrada’s have been participating in science fairs since elementary school. Last year John, who is now a senior, won the top prize at the world’s largest science fair competition taking home a $50,000 scholarship.

“I thought it was really cool, it was nice to know that our project was really cool.” Said John.

Pauline, a sophomore has been perfecting her drought detecting rover for several years and took home a national prize in 8th grade.

You never think that you’re gonna make it that far but when you do it’s amazing.” Said Pauline.

Last year the two decided to combine their projects bringing together the best technology from both. That collaboration paid off not only with a project that can better meet the needs of local farmers but also earned them a top prize and a trip to Stockholm.

“It’s just amazing to see what these students have accomplished in such a short amount of time for as long as any science fair has never had a project that has won at so many different competitions in so many levels.” Commented Jennifer Weibert, Fresno County Science Fair Director.