Each week in partnership with the Merced County Office of Education we highlight north valley leaders and programs specializing in early childhood education. 
The Kaleidoscope play group is a way for parents and care takers to learn and play with their little ones.

Funded by Impact First Five, kaleidoscope gives parents, friends, and families a safe space for their children to interact with other kids their ages. It also gives caretakers a chance to learn from other adults and child care specialists. 

“I feel connected talking with parents and kids for lily connecting with one of them,” said caretaker Tricia Torres.

“How to communicate with her how to understand her age we learn a lot of things here even education if she doesn’t like something to eat,” stated mom Azucena Perez. 

“A place to get a break from the same four walls they live in to come here and meet other parents who are raising children and helping develop young minds and collaborate and make connections in the community,” said provider specialist Mary Baumann. 

Merced County Office of Education provider specialist Mary Baumann says it teaches parents simple education techniques.

“The purpose is to really instill parent leadership so we try to stay back remain in the position of a facilitator and not lead everything we ant the parent to take that initiative as well as the child care providers,” she stated. “Today we did an art activity with a simple construction paper tree and they were able to use cotton balls and Q-tips to make the snow, the children could be creative and create their own so not all of the trees look the same.”

These precious relationships continue growing.

“She learns a lot she learns how to express herself when she feels mad or happy or hungry she learns that here she learns a lot,” said Perez. 

Kaleidoscope is held in the Stephen Leonard park community center in Merced every Wednesday.