Drunk man sleeps behind wheel doing donuts backwards, police say


There was no need for a high speed chase or manhunt to make this arrest.

“A vehicle was driving in circles backwards,” Cpl. Brent Cederquist said Tuesday. 

Madera police found the driver asleep at the wheel doing donuts on Sunrise and Lake when they arrived. Concerned neighbors had alerted authorities. 

“It was continuous. He had the wheel cranked to the right and it was in reverse and he was asleep,” Cederquist said.

Just a few days earlier a dash cam caught a woman driving with her lights off. Moments later she slammed into a stopped car. The common thread?

“He had been drinking, yeah,” Cederquist said. “She obviously was under the influence as well.”

He said the man was so drunk police could not wake him. They finally had to climb into the moving car to pull the emergency brake. 

“I guess the cops really didn’t know how to react to that or what to do. It’s pretty funny to see that,” Juan Bautista, who lives in the neighborhood said. 

But he said it’s also troubling. “We live near a park and stuff happens all the time. It could be very dangerous not just for kids but people out here walking,” he said.

Cederquist said expect increased patrols and DUI checkpoints as the holidays continue. He said ride sharing is so accessible there’s really no excuse. 

“You avoid these criminal charges, thousands of dollars in fines and also the fact that you don’t want to live with hurting someone or killing someone,” Cederquist said. He said if you see someone driving who you think is impaired call the police department and try to follow the driver if it’s safe to do so. 

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