There was the music, the food, and the 10K walk, but people really came out to Clovis Hills Community Church for one main purpose.

“We have to think about the people who sacrifice for us day in and day out,” says event organizer Rene Quintero.

Rene Quintero is an organizer of Carry the Load.

The 10k walk that starts at the church and makes a stop at Buchanan High School.

“At Buchanan High School we did a flag raising for the eight young men that they lost there for the war on terrorism,” he says.

Names of eight Buchanan High graduates are on a memorial garden.

Every year this walk stops at this garden to honor those 8 people, something participants say brings them out here.

“it is really a moment for us to remember those that served and gave it all for us and our freedoms that we have,” says Joe Helstein who is a sponsor with Sunpower Solar.

Steve Merrill is a part of of the Black Chief Motorcycle Ministry.

He led the walk to honor those who passed away including a family member.

“In honor of my grandfather who died during WWII,” says Steve Merrill, “I never met him, one of the things that was on the banner here says 22 Veterans a day take their own lives and my grandfather was one of those.”

This years event didn’t only recognize military veterans, but also law enforcement and firefighters.

Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims was the guest speaker.

She knows people will have their fun on the holiday, but wants people to know why they are able have fun in the first place.

“There is probably not a family around that doesn’t have someone who has lost their life or know of somebody who has lost there life, I thank we need to remember the reason for this particular remembrance,” she says.

The annual event is free, but they do accept donations.

If you wanted to donate you can head to