A local domestic violence victim shares her story of survival, and explains how a security company helped save her life.

Every nine seconds in America, a woman is either assaulted or beaten – this according to the Marjaree Mason Center. Fresno resident Katie Anderson fell into that statistic earlier this year. On Thursday morning, surrounded by a network of support, Anderson recalled the frightful moments in March when she was beaten by her ex-boyfriend for about an hour and a half.

She said, “I had been asking this ex boyfriend to leave… and he wouldn’t go.”

Anderson said she had an ADT alarm system in her Fresno home for years, but never thought it would come in handy against someone she knew.

“He threw me down on the ground, drug me through the dirt, and told me that if I didn’t stop screaming that he would break my face and he would kill me and that he would kill himself,” stated Anderson.

Thanks to a panic button on her alarm remote, she was able to alert an ADT operator who called 911 for her. ADT officials played the call on Thursday, you can hear Anderson’s ex-boyfriend in the background.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said this year alone, detectives will investigate nearly 8,400 cases of domestic violence, and those are only the ones that actually get reported.

“Domestic violence is not just a police problem, it is all of our problem,” stated Dyer.

ADT representatives gave Fresno Police and the Marjaree Mason Center each a $5,000 dollar check for their work against domestic violence.

Nicole Linder is the executive director for the Marjaree Mason Center. She said, “It’s a cycle, not only will it not stop, it will likely get worst.”

Anderson said she believes it takes security, support, and the strength to stand up against your victim to end the cycle of abuse.

“I consider my life being saved,” ended Anderson.

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