A Central Valley dog finally found his forever home after spending more than 2 years at a shelter.

Marmaduke arrived at Valley Animal Center in November 2016 from an animal control agency in Southern California. Little was known about his history but the animal care team quickly realized he lacked basic obedience skills.

“We basically started from scratch as if he was a puppy but he had a couple of years under his belt,” said Devon Gillard, Business Development Manager.

He was best described as adorable but stubborn. The animal care team got to work and developed a consistent training routine to make him more eligible for adoption.

“It probably took him about 7 months or so for him to really understand that this is his new life and basic obedience is important and will help find a home,” said Gillard.

Once they felt he was ready to find a new home they started promoting him at events and even Fresno Grizzlies games. He was a difficult sell his age at now about 6 years old, his stubbornness and his need for medicine and a special diet to treat a skin allergy.

“There was just no perfect match, no chemistry that was ever right,” said Gillard.

He spent 1,000 days at the shelter until his adopter walked through the doors and gravitated toward Marmaduke.

“A couple of weeks went by and he sent us an email and said it’s time, I really want to adopt him and I’ll be there on Friday,” said Gillard.

Now, an empty cage is ready to house another dog waiting to find their forever home.

“You are saving the animal, you are saving another one, and most likely Marmaduke saved his adopter in some way,” said Gillard.

Valley Animal Center says Marmaduke is doing great in his new home and is getting spoiled with toys and three walks a day. They say none of this would be possible without community volunteers and donations.